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 Police Role Play actors. Medical Role Play actors. Financial services Role Play actors. Customer Services Role Play actors.

Quick enquiry here: richard@corporateroleplay.co.uk

Corporate Role Play company providing services for NHS, Police, and Commercial organisations. Supplying Actors and Actresses for Corporate Role Play and facilitators for Action learning sets  

Available across North,Southern, West, East, Central UK, England, Wales, Scotland and of course Role Play Actors for London.
We have a system of actor deployment that is able to effect major cost savings: recently achieving a saving of up to £170 per day for an employment service provider.

We also specialise in the supply of BME Role Play actors.
All of our actors for role play are trained in house to make the best of improvisation and fast thinking skills. We will work closely with you to ensure that your roleplay has Integrity, meets your objectives, is transferable to the workplace and is played for 'Real'.

Avant Garde are able to work to your scripted scenarios or assist in the construction of Role Play Scripts. We currently supply Role Play services to Police Authorities, corporate bodies, NHS and MOD.

Covering : Harrasment Role Play, vulnerable witness Role Play, Suspect Interview Role play, appeals procedure Role Play, customer relations  Role Play and disciplinary Role Play, IPLD training, patient simulation, law , employment service role play.
On any occasion we are able to supply from two to a dozen or more players for your roleplay activities.

Avant Garde Corporate Role Play are also able to supply specialist acting tuition for your team through workshop activities.

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